Post Earthquake training in Nuwakot

VFC Nepal collaborated with Karkhana in a joined effort to provide assistance to the school children who suffered the devastating effects of the earthquake

According to a report of UNICEF, Children in Nepal are facing an unprecedented emotional toll as they deal with the devastating consequences of two major earthquakes.

The basic idea of the training was to get the teachers of the schools trained in handling the emotional issues of the students who suffered the effects of the earthquake. The training proved to be a successful one as the members of VFC Nepal were able to address the emotional issues of the school children. The members conducted activities such as drawings, storytelling, dramas and various games. The school children were overjoyed to have indulged in such activities and they were able to get their minds off from the subject of earthquake. The school children were also taught at the times of distress people go through various levels of mood swings and emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety are quite normal.

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