Burunchille, Lalitpur site assessment

Mane village at Burunchile is inhabited mostly by the Tamangs, the Paharis and the Nagarkotis. During our first site-assessment visit we went to ward no. 14, which used to be home to 64 Tamang households. The recent earthquake and the subsequent after-shocks have totally damaged the village, disrupting the electricity and water supply as well. Several organizations has been working in the village in regards to water supply. But the villagers are still in dire need of sturdy shelter that can survive them through the monsoon.

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Out of 64 affected households, 34 families have already built shelters from the salvaged CGI sheets and wooden-pillars. The remaining 30 houses are still living under unstable tarpaulin makeshifts. Shukra Bahadur Tamang, the elderly member of the community informed us that these thirty households do not have resources to build a shelter on their own.

Kaphal Bot village, which is five minutes walk from Mane also suffered devastation and is in need of 25 transitional shelters.

VFC is collaborating with Burns Violence Survivors Nepal (BVS) to build 55 TMS with latrines and solar charger panel at Mane and Kaphal Bot.