Nuwakot School

CREASION / VFC initiated a project of building schools at Nuwakot which is funded by Nepal Belgium Youth Club and Busk for Nepal- UK. The catastrophic earthquake which occurred in Nepal destroyed many schools and buildings and Nuwakot was one of the worst grief stricken places in the Kathmandu valley. It is widely believed that education is the backbone of development and keeping this fact as a first priority the schools were constructed.

The primary objective of this project was to get the lives of small children who were traumatized because of the earthquake back in track. The members of VFC in collaboration with Karkhana helped alleviate the traumas of many children who faced the traumatic earthquake. The members of the VFC conducted various programs such as storytelling and other artistic activities to delve deeper into the minds of the children and find the exact cause of trauma. The children were amicable and shared different stories how the tragedy shocked them. The children expressed their grief and sorrow by drawing their traumatic experience on paper.

The project, which was initiated at Nuwakot was a success and the learning experience was quite remarkable. The success of Nuwakot paved the way for other projects in different places of Kathmandu Valley, which also suffered loss because of the devastating earthquake.

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