Rebuild for change

A compassion based community regrowth program


Rebuild for Change is a compassion based development initiative

We aim to rebuild sturdy, self-reliant and self-sustainable communities by covering not just the structural aspects of rehabilitation, but also the socio-economic development.

Our vision is to facilitate long-term regrowth in a wholesome approach, and to inspire an eco-system where all members of the community are afforded basic human rights. All our projects are designed to tackle the roots of socio-economic deprivation by introducing development models which incorporate both local resources and sustainable technologies.

Why RFC?

The vision of Rebuild for Change was born in the aftermath of the earthquake. Despite a huge amount of international fund disbursement, numerous villages and communities have not been reached by either national or international organizations.

We reflected on the need for a different approach to humanitarian aid - one that perceives communities as active participants in reconstruction, and not as passive beneficiaries. We believe that empowered and self-reliant communities will be less dependent on external funds.

The aim of RFC is to reach these 'forgotten' villages, and introduce long term solutions in an eco-sustainable and holistic approach to rehabilitation - an effort that will take place at a community-level, and which will include 6 components: permanent housing, health and sanitation, education, water and energy, socio-economic development, and community-based facilities.


Why choose Us?

1. Education and innovation:

FOCUS On: Innovative Ideas, Vocational trainings, Access to market through mobile app, internet, modern irrigation like(e.g.. drip), etc.

Why choose Us?

2. Community & women empowerment:

FOCUS On: Active participation of community including the especially women, in all the project components.

Why choose Us?

3. Eco-sustainability:

FOCUS On: Natural building principles, sustainable energy, green agriculture, etc;

Download RFC Proposal and Budget here