Giving a new shape to Nepal's only Government Child Hospital.

News covered in REPUBLICA National Daily

KATHMANDU, Nov 27: Nepal Unites and Volunteers for Nepal (VFC) organized the second phase of cleaning, gardening and painting of Kanti Bal Hospital on Saturday, November 26, 2011. 

It was inspirational to see 600 volunteers from various organizations enthusiastically cleaning the Hospital with a motto, “If we not then who? If now then when?”

Students of Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM), army men from Bhairav Nath Gadh, volunteers from VFC and Nepal Unites along with the hospital staffs geared up to clean the premises. 

From the terrace to the garden, every nook and cranny was taken care off.

“The army will always support the welfare activities carried out by people,” stated an army official of the Bhairav Nath Gadh team. Similarly, Anand Mishra, team leader of VFC and a campaigner for the event affirmed, “We don’t want to simply protest but actively try to make a change and show the individuals who just protest, that if we can come up and initiate change, then so can they. Also, we’ll be training the hospital staffs in cleanliness as well as team building efforts. We didn’t assign or direct the volunteers on what to do; we appoint a new leader each time so that they feel responsible and manage on their own.” 

The hospital requires doors for restrooms, few toilet accessories and electronic items. 

The management is trying to re-design the toilets due to the mess created by people who lack knowledge on toilet manners while others are intentionally ignorant.

Director of the hospital, Tirtha Raj Burlakoti informed, “In order to keep consistency on cleanliness supervision we have written to the Government to increase our staff quota, and establish an organized waste collection system. In addition to that we are also trying to figure out a disposal system.

Kalpana Panta, a volunteer said, “I am a cleanliness freak, I felt sad and frustrated looking at the condition of our hospitals and public places. Therefore I came forward to contribute towards this noble cause.”

“We want to make this hospital a role model for other institutions,” added Mishra.