International Youth Day Celebration

Hamro Cycle Yatra (Our Cycle Rally)

Volunteer for Change Nepal, with the collaboration ofSiddhartha Art Foundation, on the eve of International Youth Day 2012, organized a cycle rally namely, “Hamro Cycle Yatra” which was dedicated especially to thegarbage collectors and the scrap or junk dealers, who the Event named as the environmental heroes. The Event saw the participation of most of the waste-collectors of Kathmandu, guests such as the World-Renown Cyclist Pushkar Shah, the founder of Siddhartha Arts Foundation-Sangeeta Thapa, some foreign volunteers and youths galore. The Team Leader of VfC Aanand Mishra quoted, “The need of this program is to honor and respect these heroes, who are mistreated, disrespected and considered as the low-grade people of the society, but in reality it’s just the opposite. They are the people who have been following the basic rules of cleaning the environment-3R (Reducing, Reusing and Recycling), and eliminating wastes from our homes and streets. These people are, in real sense, environmentalists.”

            It must have been the first time the City witnessed an event that was dedicated completely to the cleaners of the City. The Cycle Rally ended with lunch and free eyes, dental and a general medical check-up, with the help of Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Hamro Dental Clinic. The Event was supported by organizations such as Powerful Hands, Rotaract, Chaudhary Group, Ritu Finance, Charisma Classic, and Aqua Cool.

Sangeeta Thapa added about the event, “The 2nd Kathmandu International Art Festival is proud to be associated with the ‘Hamro Cycle Yatra’, and it’s a good way of practically acting for what the 2nd KIAF is about-climate-change. It’s really necessary that people start thinking seriously about the environment and this might be a wake-up call to everyone.” The Festival starts November 25th and is hosting more than 70 artists from 32 countries.