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Suryajyoti English Boarding School

Suryajyoti English Boarding School, located in the rural community of Jhapa District at eastern Nepal is lower secondary school. The school is committed to develop it’s pedagogy suiting the norms and values of 21st century learning. Teachers are provided with various professional development trainings about the implementation strategies of child centered and 21st century learning throughout  the session. There is no corporal punishment in school, instead we use constructive approach to discipline the students who have behavior problem, such as self reflection, meditation, psychological counseling and other methods are used with patience and passion to bring the positive change among the students.

 This year School has participated in the International School Award (ISA) 2015 of connecting classroom organized by British Council. Students are conducting diverse curriculum based projects collaborating with national and international school through this programme. Presently Suryajyoti School is connected to schools from UK, Lebanon, Yemen and India. This program is supporting students to be linked with friends from abroad, teachers in their professional development and school to bring the global dimension in their curriculum.

To engage the community members in school we have conducted community based awareness activities. Students have formed eco club that regularly does the community awareness related to the social issues. For instance students have placed dustbins in various junctions with awareness campaigns about waste management. Students from lower secondary level are conducting the survey to  find out socio- economic impact due to alcoholism in  the community which is one of the major social problem existing in the community. As agriculture is the primary occupation of  major chunk of the community students are doing vegetables and mushroom farming learning from the community members

Thus, Suryajyoti is the educational institution that is committed to give practical based knowledge fully adopting the notions of 21st century learning, bringing the global dimension in its curriculum so the students can be competent in the global economy.