About Us

Volunteer For Change (VFC) is one of the largest international volunteering platforms based in Nepal. Since our inception in 2010, we have been providing variety of internship and volunteering opportunities inside Nepal to hundreds of students and passionate youths from all over the world. As the name suggests, we believe in visible and sustainable changes, the changes that we can take pride on even after years and years of your contribution. Adhering to the concept of voluntourism, we make sure that each and every participant that we offer services to gets the most out of his/her visit by not only enjoying the opportunity to volunteer or intern, but also simultaneously experiencing a fantastic adventure in this culturally diverse and naturally rich country.

Enjoying the connections with several local agencies and organisations working in diverse fields, VFC offers volunteering and internship opportunities in myriad of areas. We offer placements in fields including teaching, care, conservation & environment, medicine & healthcare, journalism, law & human rights, business, and many more, inside Nepal.


As the name suggests, the goal of 'Volunteer for Change' is to bring visible changes. Volunteers can bring a change to the community they work in, a change within themselves and a change amongst the people they work with. “Change within, change between and change among” is what we believe in. Although the altruistic work that we do brings a lot of immeasurable happiness in the communities and people we work with, that happiness cannot be long cheered without making physical or see-able changes. There's where Volunteer for Change sets in.

We want to create a society of passionate youths and professionals from different nationalities who want to devote their energy and passion to bring a change through volunteering or interning in diverse Nepali societies while understanding the place where they are contributing there time and energy by exploring this culturally assorted and naturally opulent country. We believe that volunteering will soon become an important part of our lives as it is not only best way to gain practical knowledge and experience, but also is coupled with self-worth and respect.