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Teach for Change

It is said that unlike other wealth, knowledge is such kind of wealth, which increases the more we share. Although some of us got a chance to acquire a descent education, there are lots and lots of unfortunate kids around the world for whom 'quality' education is an unheard story. We believe that knowledge is by far valuable than money. When you share knowledge, you are not only sharing knowledge but a way to live. Hence, we bring forth teaching projects in different schools in rural and urban areas of Nepal.

ROLE: Assisting local teachers with classes or leading your own classes and teaching children, teenagers, and adults subjects such as English, IT, and others.

REQUIREMENTS: Sound knowledge on the subject

Time Duration: Minimum of 2 weeks

Care for Change

Lots and lots of orphan children and old-aged people most of whom are abandoned by their children, are deprived of love, care and affection. Being the change-making individuals of 21st century, they call us to fill this void. Hence, we present you opportunities to volunteer in this sector.

Role: Assisting with caring for children and others in need of support at orphanages, day cares, kindergartens, special needs centers, elderly homes, and other care facilities.

Train techno- enthusiasts for Change

Technology is knitted into the fabrics of our lives. Contribute your technological knowhow to train the techno- enthusiasts in Nepal. Learn from them too. A learning platform at its best!

Role: Assist in training the students and youths variety of computing skill.

Requirements: Sound knowledge on Computing

Time duration: Minimum of 2 weeks

Support HIV/AIDS infected children for Change

About a hundred thousand people are suspected of being infected with HIV/AIDS in Nepal. These innocent people are looked upon with the eyes of disdain by the society. We have different partner organizations that work to support these people and rehabilitate them back to the society. Join your hands with us to bring smiles in the faces of our HIV/AIDS infected friends.

Role: Teach HIV infected children

Requirements: None

Time duration: Minimum 2 weeks

Medical Assistance for change

Want some experience before heading to medical school? Or, are you in medical school and want some experience? We bring forth you medical internship program in rural and suburban areas of Nepal.

Role: Clinic/ Hospital intern

Requirements: High School Graduate/ Undergraduate

Time Duration: Minimum 2 weeks

WWW (Work With Waste Workers) for Change

Learn about the lives of waste workers by working with prominent organizations working to build social inclusion, and the Waste Workers themselves inside Kathmandu Valley.

Role: WWW Volunteer

Requirements: None

Time Duration: Minimum 2 weeks