Laying of the Foundation of RFC project

20th November, 2015 was marked as a very remarkable day and of great importance as respected personalities from RI (Rotary International 3292 Nepal Bhutan) ,RCJM ( Rotary Club of Jawlakhel Manjushree) and CREASION / VFC Nepal lay the foundation for our compassion based Rebuild for Change(RFC) project in Manegaun, Burunchilli. The event began with a presentation by Ms. Bhusita Vasista, Head communications of CREASION / VFC Nepal and Anand Mishra, CEO and the founder of CREASION / VFC Nepal on the project Rebuild for change. The project is an initiative to Rebuild Manegaun’s 67 houses that were destroyed as a result of the catastrophic earthquakes and includes six components. These include:
 •Permanent housing 
• Education
• Socio-economic development
• Health/sanitation and water
• Energy
• Community based facilities

The floor was then open for questions to everyone present there, the members of Rotary International raised questions and Bhushita and Aanand answered their questions very well. They were impressed with the presentation and were much satisfied. At the conclusion of the presentation, everyone proceeded to the building site for the community hall where the villagers greeted them warmly in a welcome ceremony.
Then the Member of Parliament, Udaya Rana spoke and gave emphasis on the willingness of the people of the village to work together with VFC to rebuild their homes and community. Addition to it District Governor, Keshav Kunwar expressed his gratitude towards RCJM and VFC Nepal for their hard work on organizing the project and bringing it from conception to full realization.

The day was completed with the ritualistic laying of the foundation of the community center.