Volunteer Stories

Thank you VFC for the amazing experience in Nepal

Marie Jones, Canada Thank you VFC for the amazing experience in Nepal! I felt right at home! I am sad that I have to leave so soon. But I promise that I will be back soon. I am also quite happy that I am returning home with a lot more experience and energy; feels like it is totally different me....
Marie Jones, Canada
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Thank you for everything

Jennifer Losie , Canada I just wanted to say thank you for everything that each and every one here has done to make my experience in Nepal absolutely amazing. I truly appreciate all of the hard work that went into making my stay unforgettable. You will be sincerely missed....
Jennifer Losie , Canada
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Amazing experience here in Nepal

Audrey Sydora, Canada Thank you VFC for an amazing experience here in Nepal. I will miss you all dearly. I hope that this is not where our ways have parted, but this is where our ways connected; VFC has been a junction....
Audrey Sydora, Canada
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Words cannot describe

Danielle Smith, Canada Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the amazing enriching experience that you have gifted me. With VFC, this strange city was not strange at all; I felt like I had a deep connection with you and this mystical land. Thank you all very much for making my time so awesome!...
Danielle Smith, Canada
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An experience that I think I will never forget.

Laura Hähnel, Germany "The time in Nepal was an experience that I think I will never forget. To get to know another, very different culture than the one you live in is fascinating! To smell different scents, to get to know about other culture and their habits than the one you are used to&hel...
Laura Hähnel, Germany
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experience in Nepal

Elina Zumholte, Germany I have been in Nepal for one month- a far too short time to learn enough about this wonderful and interesting country and people. During my stay i was busy in a school with HIV- infected children with whom I worked almost every day. Learning with and from the kids was a very p...
Elina Zumholte, Germany
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My work experience in Nepal 2014

Leonhard Günther, Germany My name is Leonhard from Germany, I am 18 years old and I did my work experience in a school for HIV infected children in Nepal. In this following text I will describe my work and experiences in Nepal. To begin, I want to outline how I got the idea to do my work experience in ...
Leonhard Günther, Germany
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