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About Us

In 2010 Aanand Mishra founded and initiated Volunteers for Change (VFC) - an organization with the purpose of enabling volunteers to affect positive change throughout Nepal.

The two major earthquakes that hit Nepal on April and May (2015) have killed thousands and left other hundred thousands destitute. As the country is gradually recovering from the initial trauma of the disaster, the responsibility of rehabilitation and reconstruction falls on all of our shoulders.

VFC has eagerly shouldered up this responsibility since the very first day of the disaster. Initially, we focused on distributing relief materials in the districts that were worst hit by the catastrophe. However with the impending monsoon, need for rehabilitation has emerged as the most urgent step in disaster management. VFC is collaborating with different partners to maximize and scale-up the rehabilitation work in two phases - a. Transitional Shelters b. Community Regrowth.

It is clear that the need for acute relief, as well as long term assistance in rebuilding what was lost, relies heavily on the work of NGO's, and on inspired individuals coming together. Here at VFC, we are committed to provide a shared platform for such spirited organizations and individuals to come together and materialize the change.


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If you are an individual or an organisation, and you want to donate a one-time amount or want to engage RFC on a deeper level, VFC offers you several pathways:

Volunteering for RfC

Here at RFC we greatly value your interest in coming and working with us! As we are engaged in a long-term rebuilding and rehabilitation effort, we're mainly looking for engineers, carpenters, plummers, electricians, geologists and sanitation professionals - basically anyone with experience in building and/or sustainability as per our 7 components for rehabilitation.

If this applies to you, or you feel you possess the skills to bring value to our team, feel free to send an application with a few words about yourself, your CV and contact details to: bhushita@vfcnepal.org and we will be in touch.


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